Gonçalo Santana is a singer, songwriter and producer

Gonçalo Santana is a singer, songwriter and producer based in Switzerland. Strongly influenced by his family, Gonçalo discovered at a young age the passion for music. Thanks to his father, also a singer, Gonçalo was exposed to a variety of distinguished artists. Such as Prince , Luther Vandross , Bruce Springsteen , Stevie Wonder and many more. He began to write his first verses at the age of eleven on napkins and notebooks out of boredom. Eventually some songs were even recorded by him and more professionally by his father. As the years went by Gonçalo found refuge in expressing himself through words that lead up to songs.

In November 2021 Gonçalo released Empty Poetry. Produced by the Portuguese singer and producer Macaia. After taking a time out from releasing new music, Gonçalo Santana presented his second single called Verity in 2022, that has surpassed 20’000 streams on Spotify alone. A song musically inspired by the early 2000s R&B. On the 27th of January, Gonçalo Santana is finally releasing his debut EP called Brainless. A musical roller coaster, heavily inspired in the old school R&B and Gospel music.


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